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In contrast to our Scotland-Trip, we did a little less planning for our holiday in Spain. We did however buy these two guides:

  • The Rough Guide to Spain (14th edition / 1 March 2012 / ISBN-10: 1848367252 / 17€)
  • The Rough Guide to Andalucía (7th edition / 1 May 2012 / ISBN-10: 1405389907 / 15€)

The Rough Guides were a welcome change to the Lonely Planet travel guides and inspired us to go see some very remarkable places. Nevertheless, we ended up being a lot more spontaneous than we were in Scotland and in the end preferred to follow “our guts” rather than the guides this time. It was good though to have a competent book nearby – better have one and seldom need it than need it and not have one.

In terms of maps we fully relied on the MotionX GPS ( app for the iPad. We downloaded OpenStreetMaps for the whole of Spain onto it and it worked fabulously!


 2. TIPS

Just a few tips for Spain:

– mobile broadband service: we used Vodafone ES and were surprised have quite good internet reception even in rural areas – so no worries there.

– fuel prices: When it comes to fuel prices Spain is not the worst place to go. Prices are similar to the ones in France and usually totally acceptable. Our hottest tip though is getting fuel in Andorra! It is a lot cheaper over there, so if you pass through or near Andorra: fuel up! Otherwise your best chances for cheap fuel is at the petrol stations of big supermarkets like Carrefour and Eroski.  As usual, we used Flashlube’s Diesel Conditioner in order to increase our fuel efficiency. This stuff reduced our avg. consumption by about 2l/100km.

– fire: be aware that Spaniards (just like the French) are not very tolerant when it comes to (open) fires. Due to extremely hot summers there is a high chance of huge forest fires. Therefore open fires including barbecues are most of the times strictly forbidden. One night we were even forced to only eat salad, because we were not allowed to use our gas cooker – even inside our car! This might sometimes seem paranoid, but there is nothing worse than losing your property or life to fires – and these people seem to know how this feels, so respect it please. Better to be safe than sorry.

– thunderstorms and heavy rain fall: While camping in the pyrenees we had heavy rainfall and thunderstorms every night. These storms can surprise you and come without warning. So make sure you find a fairly wind- and rain-sheltered place to set up camp. Trust me, there is nothing worse than having to relocate in soaking wet PJs 😉







Eastern Pyrenees to Western Pyrenees

201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_001 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_002 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_003 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_004 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_005 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_006 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_007 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_008 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_009 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_010 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_011 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_012

Bilbao to Segovia

201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_013 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_014 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_015 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_016 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_017 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_018 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_019 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_020 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_021 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_022 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_023 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_024


201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_025 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_026 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_027 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_028 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_029 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_030 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_031 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_032 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_033 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_034 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_035 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_036 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_037 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_038 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_039 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_040 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_041 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_042 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_043 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_044 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_045 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_046 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_047 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_048 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_049 201408_landcruisingaddicts_spain_050


Spotted a mistake or got questions? Then do not hesitate to contact me 🙂 Looking forward to hearing from you!