Winter is coming – Softgarage for my LandCruiser.


Winter indeed is coming! And with it rain, ice and snow. Although we are currently experiencing a beautiful autumn with lovely colours, mild temperatures and little wind, I have still had quite some work to do in order to keep my LandCruiser free from fallen leaves. Why do I care? Because if you dont, they’ll stick to your car and leave ugly traces that are not easy to get rid of. Same thing goes for bird shit and the various liquids that come pouring down in winter. Of course, it’s a LandCruiser – it will obviously survive, but wouldn’t it be nice to park it in a garage where it’s nicely sheltered?


Unfortunately I don’t have a garage, so I went looking for an alternative and found softgarage – a high quality cover that protects your car from almost everything that comes falling out of the air. There are many solutions on the market and softgarage covers are not among the cheapest products but I believe they are worth it. Their 3-layer covers are soft & padded inside, breathable and weather resistant to protect your car. It’s available in various series, fabrics and colors to match everyones taste. Most items are available from stock, so shipping goes very quickly.


Although there is a car finder that makes it easy to find the right cover for your car, their system did not cover my HZJ 76. After a few
eMails with their competent support team we got this sorted out and I ordered the cover for the LandCruiser J12 model. As you can see on the pictures: it fits perfectly!

price: 106,90 EUR (including a storage bag)