new webdesign

I am really excited about finally having gotten around to changing the design of! Not only does this new design give me more flexibility to share my adventures and experiences with you, it is also a lot more user-friendly and more visual.

The homepage will now always showcase what’s new on the site, but will also change automatically to older topics that you might not know about yet.

Additionally – and this goes to all usability-fanatics – the menu is now in text form on the upper right corner. I came to realise that the app-like three bars in the old design might be a step too soon, as many surfers still expect that classic menu in text-form.

Last but not least the site now has a designated blog-area which is great for keeping you up to date.

All in all I am very happy about the update and am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it.

Cruise on,


Balkans travel report

I have to admit it took a while, but now it’s finally here – after many hours of editing the GPS data and selecting 233 pictures from over 800 taken on the trip I finally managed to complete the newest addition to our travel report section: BALKANS 04/2015. We passed through five countries: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania. One of our best trips ever! Pure adventure. Pure LandCruising.

Read all about it here.

I hope that you’ll enjoy the read and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Get in touch – it would make my day!

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